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Lawyers Giving Back

Candice Farha with the Wichita Public Library Foundation -BAR-o-METER | MAR 2024

The Lawyers Giving Back series highlights local charities, community organizations, and projects that are not "household names." This month we feature Candice Farha (Penner Lowe Law Group, LLC) and her involvement with the Wichita Public Library Foundation.

1.What is the Wichita Public Library Foundation?

The WPLF is an organization that seeks to help fund the Wichita Public Library (WPL), and related endeavors, through charitable contributions. Our goal is to find private support for the library wherever we can, and make sure people know about the opportunities available to help.

Recently, for example, the WPLF successfully funded the WPL’s first

Book Bus (see picture included). That project, which was just realized

this year, allowed us to transform a donated city bus into a mobile library and hot-spot which will reach disconnected parts of our community by coming directly to them. We were able to get the bus going with donations from the community, which is really super.

2.What is your role in the organization?

I am a member of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors oversees the efforts of the organization, helps plan for desired projects, and manage the funds available to the organization to maximize effectiveness in implementing the goals. As a member of the Board of Directors, I serve specifically on the Governance Committee, which helps recruit and staff the organization by finding suitable candidates for open positions.

3. Why and how did you get involved with the Wichita Public Library Foundation?

t didn’t take much convincing to get me to join the WPLF. Its mission is one I find extremely important, and which has only become more clearly so to me as a new mother whose child LOVES the library. Lucky for me, a current member of the Board of Directors approached me with the opportunity to join the cause, and it has been a pleasure to help the foundation ever since. It really is such a worthwhile organization.

4. How can other lawyers help?

Other lawyers can help the cause by championing it, being in tune with the current projects being discussed/funded, and giving their time or money to the cause. Our society depends on an educated population, and a key to achieving that goal is to have a stellar library system. If anyone knows the importance of reading, it’s lawyers!

5. Where can people go to learn more?

Check out the foundation, and make a donation if you can, at

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